فيلم Apocalyptic Horror مترجم
المشاهدة لاحقا
  • 4.7
  • 1:17:33
  • 2017
  • 25,301
النوع : رعب

قصة العرض : A collection of twisted short films officially selected by prestigious horror fim festivals is what is in store here. From the early grind house works in THE DOMESTIC, Brutal revenge with no holds barred violence of the CAREFUL OWNER series, creepy monsters, cowboys and cos players this anthology of film shorts makes for interesting if sometimes excessively violent viewing.

فيلم Apocalyptic Horror

  • الرقــابة: PG-18 - مناسب لمن هم فوق سن 18
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فيلم Apocalyptic Horror مترجم

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